This is exactly why we need to support stage IV cancer… failing prevention and early detection

You may have noticed that I’ve had the Site of the Day up there pointing to the Gal-to-Gal Foundation’s Virtual Walk for Breast Cancer for almost a week now. Normally I stick to the time allotted, but for some reason I couldn’t let that one stay for just a day before going to archives. Also, I goofed on the link, and promised Jeanne Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO of Design-her Gals that I would give it some extra time.

Well, just tonight, Jeanne wrote again with very sad news, sadder still that it came during this year’s Walk:

“I am sad to post that this afternoon Dorit Shapiro – our President of the Foundation lost her brave battle to Stage IV. It was her only wish that we meet our goal of $250,000. Please… go and join now! We must make it for Dorit. Watch her speech only 6 days ago!”

Dorit left two daughters, four and eight years old.

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  1. lani
    lani says:

    This is sad news, for sure.  But I saw on our evening news last night that you have some happy news to share, as well.  Sounds like the appeal of your friend (the Chicago police officer) worked in his favor.  My father-in-law used to be a judge and is now an attorney and said the original ruling was a joke.  My husband is a law enforcement officer, as well, and said it doesn’t matter… that for some reason the fact that you are a police officer makes some of these judges just throw the book at you.  Anyway, we were all happy to see there was a happy outcome for him.

  2. Mindy Roberts
    Mindy Roberts says:

    Also, the guy’s father is a very wealthy and connected guy in that town. He went on with his irresponsible life – this is a quote from the Tribune:

    A reasonable man might think that insider politics is at play.

    Now the drunk is doing fine. He went back to the golf team in college, and kept bending his elbow, racking up a DUI and, later, another conviction for public intoxication. If he drives through a crowd, they might even make him stand in the corner for a couple of minutes.

    The Iowa prison authorities won’t even let me interview Mike. They turned me down last week. They said that since he’s appealing his conviction, he can’t speak to me. Amazing. It’s their state, their rules. He’s a cop in prison, and they don’t want you to hear him.

    If he could speak, he might be able to tell you what his dad told me. Bob Mette, an investigator in the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, reports that Mike’s health is breaking down. A few weeks ago, he complained of a fever, and authorities told him nothing was wrong, to take laxatives, he’d be fine. Two days later, Mike’s appendix burst.

    Even worse, he’s been denied a parole hearing. They say he’s not yet eligible because he hasn’t completed an anger-management course, and because of this he wasn’t ready to be a law-abiding citizen again.

    Thanks for following his story – wish I could have been there at the house when they celebrated yesterday. I looked at the photos on the Mike Mette Defense Fund site and could only see the back of Bob’s head (his dad). I think I would have crumpled if I saw his face.

  3. Char @ DigiScrapChat
    Char @ DigiScrapChat says:

    Thanks for the info – so very sad to hear about someone losing their battle.  My sister is fighting stage four breast cancer right now, and we’re trying to hold on to whatever hope we can find.  I’m off to check out the link…

  4. Bahia de Kino
    Bahia de Kino says:

    I guess when anybody is in such a situation like yours, Char, we’ll be doing the same. We’ll be trying to hold for whatever hope we can have and just pray. You’ll be in my prayers. Thanks for a nice post.
    -M from Mexico

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