*Sound of needle being yanked off record*

Him: “You should see the moon this morning! It’s beautiful and full and low on the horizon.”
Me: “Ohhh, I can’t see it. It must be below the treeline. I didn’t know it was a full moon!”
Him: “Well, that would explain your breath.”
Me: “Okay, you can stop right there.”

Here are some curious facts concerning menstruation. In the absence of man-made light, a woman’s menstrual cycle will synchronize with the phases of the moon. When this happens, ovulation occurs when the moon is full and menstruation starts with the start of a new moon. Women who live together experience a synchronization of menstrual cycles as a result of being exposed to chemicals contained in their sweat. A study found that if the sweat of one woman was placed under the nose of another woman on a regular bases, their periods would synchronize within three months, even if the women did not physically meet or come near each other. When a woman ovulates her sense of sight and smell improve and she has a better sense of well being. During menstruation women are more prone to skin conditions like acne and herpes. They are also more susceptible to vaginal infections at this time. During menstruation the breath of some women smells a bit like onions and is referred to as “menses breath.” While we may be able to see the interesting end results, we do not fully understand all aspects of menstruation and a woman’s menstrual cycle.

(Just Google “menstruation breath change” for the source. I don’t want it linked here!)

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  1. kathie
    kathie says:

    I don’t know what to say.  I love the whole absence of light/moon connection.  Have to wonder if our bodies are constantly confused with the world we live in!??!!

  2. paige
    paige says:

    Fortunately for me, my husband says that when I’m having my period, I taste more like me when we kiss. Since he makes his living on his sense of taste/smell (in the wine business), I guess I’ll trust that he means it.

  3. Gabby
    Gabby says:

    I just finished reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.  EXCELLENT book!  This little bit of info explains a lot of the subject matter.

  4. autumleaph
    autumleaph says:

    yup yup yup!

    The amazing thing is the woman who’s bodies cycle too is whoever has the strongest/highest hormone level. My mother cursed me when my cycle started and her steady cycle for the last 25 years got kicked out of sync. :)

    This is why every girl on your dorm floor had her period about the same time, at camp it happened by the end of the summer (a mere 10 weeks) and with female roommates.

    One day you’ll probably cycle to Daphne.

  5. Amber
    Amber says:


    I just finished reading The Red Tent too!  I agree it was an EXCELLENT read and moonlight thing explains away a few of my questions.

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