Smile When You Say That

Today we switched drop-off and pick-up duties, so it was my turn to make sure the munchkins were dressed and clean before school. Clearly, this is a kinetic, and not a vocal/aural exercise.

Me: “Logan, please put these jeans and shirt on.”
Logan: “Arrrgghhh! I’m melting! I’m meeeeellllting!”
Me: “Logan, now. Come down off the bed and put these on.”
Logan: “Why?”
Me: “Because I asked you to.”
Logan: “But why do I have to do it?”
Me: “Because I’m your mother and I asked you to do it.”
Logan: “That’s not good enough. You have to give me a reason.”


Me: “Because I have asked you several times already and you won’t stop melting and you are disrespecting me and because you have shown me that you cannot do it yourself and that I need to grab you by the legs, drag you off the bed, and dress you myself. How’s that?
Logan: “Better.”

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  1. jilbur
    jilbur says:

    That was well done … I have also had some success with Because think how the other kids at school will laugh and point when you show up in your pajamas, which is how I will bring you to school if you don’t get dressed this instant.

  2. Ben
    Ben says:

    I once carried a naked child to the car and threatened to buckle him in.

    I’m not proud.  It was winter.

    He gets dressed for school when I ask now.

  3. winbenkat
    winbenkat says:

    Oh lord, I have variations of this same conversation every morning with my son.  I’m trying Ben’s way the next time (will they let them on the bus if they’re nekkid, though?)

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