Safety Tat: could have saved me ten years off my life

Seriously, I lost, on average, two years each time I’d thought I lost a child. And most of those times, both Daddy and I were there taking care of everyone.

It can happen in a split second.

Once at an amusement park/petting zoo, Logan (three at the time) ran to look at something on the way to the car. I was heavily pregnant, and was probably ushering him into the back seat while I put the stroller in the back. Then he was gone. I couldn’t see ANYWHERE he could have gone, so I promptly peeled out of my parking space, flew into a Magnum PI j-turn and screeched to a halt across the exit. No one was leaving the parking lot until I found my boy. Some panic-stricken moments (ohdeargod someone could have taken him, there are woods all around here, damn my huge self) later, my girlfriend spied little Logan running up and down the median strip in the parking lot, which had been fenced off with that bright-orange plastic fencing that always remind me of six-pack holders. He was just a little shorter than the fence, and was having a grand old time while I shut down the place and shouted my head off about my LITTLE BOY, MISSING, THREE, BLOND, OVERALLS!

I have several other stories along those lines, but my blood pressure is already up just from recalling that one.

Enter Safety Tat. I haven’t even read half of the landing page, and I’m already determined to buy three of everything they have. The photo front and center says it all: a smiling child with a temporary tattoo bearing her name and a cell phone number. Good lord almighty in a pear tree, why haven’t we thought of that?? I think ParentHacks stumbled on it first by suggesting a message with a Sharpie on the tummy, but I really like this idea. Who can find a Sharpie when you need one? I’d rather keep tattoos in my purse and brand my children before going into the breach once more.

Gotta go find my credit card, stat.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Is this so that the kidnapper can know your childs name and call home to tell you were the body is?  I know sounds horrible but I just don’t see how this product is going to make parents feel any better.  It he wanders away at the grocery store and is safe…I’m gonna find him – right?.  I want something to protect him from the worst case situation like an alarm that goes off when somone touches him.  When someone invents this I’ll get excited.

  2. mindy
    mindy says:

    Man, people are pissy this morning! And I’m getting there.

    Those tattoos do not have the child’s name on them. They have a contact number and other urgent info, like, I can’t talk and I’m allergic to peanuts so don’t give me any to tide me over until you find my parents. And YES I want to get that call, even if it’s to find out where the body is.


    Good Christ, has no one lived in an urban environment? Or just a crowded one? Every degenerate know that the best place to find a child is an amusement park, so every time you go there is the danger of a child getting lost, compounded by the increased proportion of potential kidnappers.


    And no, not everyone finds their child in the grocery store. A kidnapper doesn’t need to examine a child for tattoos to get a name. How many times do you say your child’s name out loud in public? Even if they are perfectly behaved, you would praise them for being good.


    P.S. If there were an alarm that went off every time someone touched one of my kids we’d all be deaf. Usually, it’s THEM touching and bumping into things!

  3. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Agree completely that this is a great product.  Our site actually featured them as a “Site of the Week”.  It’s no different than putting a piece of paper in your child’s back pocket in the even they get lost. 

    A child getting abducted is a totally different scenario than a child wandering off or getting separated from mom/dad, but it can be very scary, nonetheless, for everyone.  And, the faster a child can be reconnected with their parents the less likely they will be victims of abuse, molestation or worse. 


    The reality is, we try our best to never let our kids out of our sight, but mishaps do occur, and it is better to be prepared. 


    Glad to see this product is getting out there!

  4. Joy H
    Joy H says:

    I think it’s a great idea; coming from someone who lost kids recently at Disneyland. FTR, 1st time it was my two oldest TOGETHER (who turned the wrong way) and 2nd time my 8yo simply kept walking when we had stopped. While my kids know our phone number(s) AND know to go to a uniformed employee, I’m not confident they would recall the numbers during the panic.

    Creeps are going to be creeps no matter where you are. They WILL get your kids if they want to.  Having the temporary tattoo (which they would like to wear) won’t matter a hill of beans if you are talking about horrible people. If Disneyland needs to call me to tell me that they have my child at the lemonade stand I’m all for it!


    Thanks Mindy!

  5. Don
    Don says:

    Pffft…we just use a kid leash. Sure we occasionally clothesline a little one, but it’s worth it know they are never more than 10ft away from us.

  6. Cindy Watrous
    Cindy Watrous says:

    I must say that as a mother, this is a good idea.  I have to agree that it seems strange because we are so much in a hurry to protect as much of our information as possible; but, as someone has already pointed out above—creeps will be creeps.  And, as another has pointed out, I would want the call even to tell me my child’s body was found.

    My son is four.  He’s at the stage where knowing his address and phone number means that everyone he meets in the grocery store, bank, or park will also know it.  He’s also at the prime age to run when I have my head turned for a second to close the car door.  To me, this makes him one of the primary reasons this product was developed.  The major plus is that he loves tattoos—in fact, he has a pirate one right now.

  7. Gail
    Gail says:

    I can’t remember ever losing one of the kids (not for lack of trying, just kidding) but I would have been all over this idea.  And what kids doesn’t like to wear tattoos?

  8. Karen
    Karen says:

    Yeah I was pissy that morning.

    While I personally don’t feel the urge to purchase this item I will concede that it would be a good idea to notify someone of your child’s special circumstances (autistic, peanut allergy, etc.).  I have one kid (12 months) and probably haven’t yet experienced what brings on the urge to love this product.  Maybe in a year or two I’ll reconsider.  I did recently purchase a kit to store my child’s fingerprints, DNA and dental records so I suppose I’m a hypocrite for passing judgment on worst case scenarios.  Did I mention I was having a bad morning.

  9. mindy
    mindy says:

    Karen, I wrote back but wanted to comment publicly on your insight:

    “I have one kid (12 months) and probably haven’t yet experienced what brings on the urge to love this product.”

    I think that’s right on the money, and I think it goes for anything involving children older than your own. I think I’m an expert on every age below my eldest’ age, and am totally baffled with any age I havn’t yet parented.

    Thank you for checking back in. Phil did point out that I was pissy the other morning to to start with from a comment on a previous post. Good ole Phil. If it weren’t for him, I’d never recognize myself.


    (Just kidding, hon. !Viva el Miércoles!)

  10. Laura
    Laura says:

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen! I’m totally ordering them. I have an autistic son, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve written my cell phone number on his arm with a Sharpie before taking him to the zoo. Thanks so much for posting about these! Kickass.

  11. shannalee
    shannalee says:

    I personally have a 4 year old but raised my siblings from birth to the eldest is now 18.  and sorry this product makesno sense what so ever.  i personally believe that disapline works training the child to pay attention to you and where you are.  my daughter has “disappeared” on me once and well she wont do that again. 

    If your worried about protecting your child get a Large dog and train it to stay with your child.

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