Him: I’m having one of those “fuck it” days.

Me: Tell me about it. I live in a house where the windows are about four feet off the ground with lavender bushes outside to break my fall.

Arrrgh, I just woke up from a dream in which all my problems were solved. There was a condo complex right in my neighborhood I never knew about, and I could move us into a two-bedroom place so cheap that I would have about a $500 mortgage. And? They had a plan that would let me upgrade—moving completely complimentary, on them—to a bigger place once we could afford it.

Affordable housing, in the same school district, with security to move again when ready. And a mortgage I could pay with my eyes closed and two feet tied behind my back.

Cruel irony, thy name is dreamland.

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  1. Pink Sun Drops
    Pink Sun Drops says:

    At least you’re optimistic! At least, I’m pretty sure if you weren’t you’re dream would’ve been about quite a few other things (for example, lavender bushes).

  2. DIU
    DIU says:

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