There is not enough time in the day nor room on this blog to describe the many ways I love this collection… or the entire site for that matter. And that’s not just because I learned about it when someone submitted this site for This Next.

Yep, it’s a bit macabre. But I have to keep the rings for posterity- or at least for the kids to pawn one day. So I may as well give them a fitting resting place.

From the site:
The Wedding Ring Coffin is made of solid wood and has a dark glossy mahogany finish. The coffin measures 6 1/4” long x 2 1/4” wide x 2 3/8” high . The interior is lined with black velvet and includes a ring insert to comfortably and securely hold your wedding ring.

Your Wedding Ring Coffin comes with an engraved brass plaque bearing a message which conveys your final thoughts about your marriage. Choose from one of our standard messages or create your own unique personal message.

Four metal handles which match the brass plaque provide the finishing touch. The split lid gives you the option for an open or closed casket.

Each coffin is tastefully packaged in a quality gift box.

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