I want to be buried in this

Actually, I’d like to live in it for a while first, but OH MY GOD could you find a more perfect chair for me?? I suppose if they made a comfy yellow chair-and-a-half like mine and then added the bookcases, it could be better. I don’t know that I could flop sideways and hang my feet over the edge in this one or snuggle down for a nap.

But I at least need the bookcase. I’ve been looking all over for one that would sit against the wall and not take up much space. I hate the one I have now. I hate it so much that I refuse to earthquake-strap it to my wall because I won’t make a multi-hole commitment to it. I’d rather count the $150 as a loss and move on. Anyone want it? It’s heavy as shit but in mint condition.

I’m gonna find a way to have me that chair. I found it at stylehive, one of my new fav sites to find cool things. Like, you know, rad.

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  1. Angel
    Angel says:

    Oh. My. God.  :::Heart palpitations:::  Now that’s my idea of the perfect reading chair!  I love the little Pop bookcase too.

    Any idea how much they are?  Not that I can afford, but hey, a girl can dream ;)

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