Gimme a G, Gimme an A, Gimme an H

Say it with me: GAH


Not only have I lost my mindimer Yahoo ID and all the emails, etc, attached to it (thanks a lot, sweetie, does it feel good to have that power?), but my work DSL was cut off before my home DSL was connected. No email, no warning. Just… nothing. I was dead in the water, and offline the entire day. Well, just the second half of the day. It felt like a hunnert years, man, I gotta tell ya.

So I pulled out the self-install kit and tried to set up my new DSL myself.

I was so close. So close. I actually stopped for a breather and put the children to bed (they are lucky I did not put them to sleep) so I could take a deep breath and think about what might be wrong. Just then, Mr. X called to say that he was on his way down to help me figure it out.

To be completely honest, I didn’t help much. I lay on Daphne’s bed reading Bob Blumer cookbooks while he reconfigured everything and got me online. And with that, he was out the door. Galloping off on his white horse.

Moving along to the opposite of white horses… my kids were tonight. Dylan was a little angel at school today (he was promised a prize if he could have five “good” days in a row this week) and as soon as we arrived home he flung that halo right up and over the roof and reverted to form. I won’t even go into detail.

Around eight o’clock, I was crying to myself on the kitchen couch, wondering why I was so weepy when there is nothing wrong, and why I let them get to me the way I do, and why I couldn’t just let things slide. And then, and THEN, I talked with a former colleague who passed along my former boss’ wishes for my success and happiness. That’s when I started crying in earnest.

Logan came over to the couch and peered at me with wrinkled brow.

“Why are you like that?”

“Oh, it’s just been a stressful day, with the doctor and you getting out earlier and me forgetting and Dylan being mean and Daphne fighting right back and none of you willing to eat where and when and what I suggest. It’s just not much fun.”

“I’m sorry mom.”

“Remember what I said on the playground today when I asked each of you how many kids were there and how many parents? And you all said “three kids” and “one parent” and then I said that since I was outnumbered I needed more cooperation? Well, it can be overwhelming and difficult to take care of everyone at once when you all need something at the same time and have trouble being polite and taking turns.”

“Actually, Mom, there’s two of us and two of them.”

“What, you mean you and me?”


“And Dylan and Daphne?”

“Yes. I suppose I should help you more. Then it’s two and two.” He lay his head in my lap and promised to help take care of everyone.

“Oh, honey, thank you. Thank you for understanding. I love you, baby.”

The rest of the night was a more calmly directed path through baths and bedtime, with Logan chiming in every few moments, “Now, listen to your mother!”

After a while I lost track of his voice, so when I finally put Daphne in bed I went looking for him. He was fast asleep in a little ball under the green chenille blanket on the living room couch.

My little man.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    That sucks that he did that with your yahoo account. Yay for Mr X and his white horse (and his ability to set up your DSL). And yay for Logan for stepping up to the plate.

  2. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    Not that it will make you feel any better, but my 7 year old was out of control yesterday. I havent seen him crazy like that in a long time. Phew thank goodness it’s Wednesday for whatever that’s worth!

  3. Amy
    Amy says:

    Oh how sweet.  Did that just break your heart?  It’s amazing that sometimes our kids just know what we need to hear.

  4. Autumn
    Autumn says:

    how absoultely adorable. I mean, awww. I’m so glad to hear that…. make me want to hug him.

    You girl, just let me know, and Ill come help with those kids of yours. I was a counsler for years, and since Im the new girl, they might listen to me for a while. :)

    Also, “miss” is my word, as in I miss you.

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