Designer Jeans giveaway from Joe’s Jeans!

Read on for a Joe’s Jeans giveaway… it’s dead easy to win a pair of $200 designer jeans! Just send me a photo as described in the instructions!

A few weeks ago, I received an email (out of like a thousand) asking me to try or evaluate a product. I can’t always find the time or energy, especially if it appears to be a form letter. But once in a while, someone gets so creative and makes it so compelling that I have to try it. Here’s the email:

Joe’s Jeans wants moms to feel like the rockstars they are. You don’t need to have a stylist and entourage to feel like a rockstar!

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or visiting your girl friends, let Joe’s Jeans show your spirited, independent-minded, modern attitude without losing a moment of comfort. We’d also like to give away five pairs of jeans to your readers. How do you determine those five lucky contest winners? By hosting a photo contest! How it works:

  1. Your readers take a picture of themselves holding a sign saying “Joe’s Jeans – I’m a Rockstar Momma!”
  2. They submit their photo to you.
  3. You pick the top 5 photos and you post them on your blog!
  4. Joe’s Jeans sends them their very own pair of Rockstar Jeans!

Right off the bat, I liked them. First, they’ve got style and gave me a great idea so I didn’t have to think something up. Second, they wanted me to try their jeans before doing a giveaway. Third, I haven’t been able to wear my Lucky Brand jeans in forever because even I know when to stop with the muffin top.

So they let me choose a pair of jeans from celebrity designer Joe’s Jeans to review on my blog. Skeptical about the fit would not adequately describe my apprehension, but that melted away when I saw The Honey Fit. Just look at that description. Now, THAT’S selling to me. No way I can wear the pencil jeans, or the Olive Oyl Cut. And the price! I could never buy these myself, but I really, really wanted to try them. So I did. And then I wrote them back:

Eeeeee! They arrived today, and I could probably have even gone down a size! Then again I just spent a week in SF and put on five unholy pounds, so they are very comfortable at the moment. Nice and stretchy, and I love the pockets. I have to say that this is the first pair of jeans I’ve ever owned that I might have to hem! Nothing is ever too long for my legs. I can say for the first time, that I am wearing a pair of designer jeans that make my forty-year-old waist and butt look awesome after FOUR pregnancies. Top that.


And then things got hectic, I started remodeling the garage, and well, the review got pushed back. I finally told them today:

You are not going to believe this story. I have been remodeling the garage, and the washer and dryer have been in storage since about two days after I got the jeans until last night. In the interim, I wore them, washed them, and then wore them at least a half dozen more times over two weeks without washing them, and they are STILL FABULOUS. So, while I’m not a role model, it sure does speak well of your jeans!

I would totally spend the money, if I had it. I normally hate sitting around in jeans because they aren’t as comfortable as my yoga pants, but these are amazingly comfy and don’t feel restrictive as I move around. Seriously, go for your free pair and get those pictures to me by next Wednesday, November 12! Send them to mommy[at]themommyblog[dot]com.

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