Day four without Guy, three more to go

Tonight was one of the few nights when all six children were here together, and they’ll all be here for the weekend. And yes, we got to play one of my favorite games: “Our mom doesn’t like you AT ALL. She hates you. She thinks we are getting a stepmother.”

I replied, “That’s funny. I don’t know anything about your new stepmother.” So that’s fun.

This coming weekend, I was supposed to go to Me Ra Koh’s famous Confidence photography workshop, but canceled at the last minute. I signed up for it and paid in full last May, but couldn’t have known that every single person entrusted with the care of our children would be unavailable to cover for me.

Guy is coming home Friday afternoon from a week in Berlin, my ex will be at a tournament in Sacramento, Guy’s ex will be in LA, and my parents are leaving for Italy tomorrow for ten days. I just can’t leave him all jet-lagged to deal with six kids all weekend. So, I gave up my spot and he’s promised to send me to whichever conference comes up near us in the next six months.

This time, I’ll make sure it’s on a free weekend.


P.S. When I went to say goodnight to the boys, I found one tuft of hair under a blanket and kissed it. He joked, “Hey, you’re not our Mom!”

A voice drifted down from the upper bunk. “But she’s close. She’s close.”

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    Well you just did something so wonderful and I am sure the kids are very thankful for all your time and effort… I haven’t met you yet in person but I can say that you are a good person and you love kids. Am I right?

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