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I tell ya, Amber sure knows how to get my attention. She mentioned that Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred, one of my favorite new finds, are matching each comment on Michele Agnews’ latest post with money for disaster relief. Didn’t I tell you these people were cool?

Today SC&A are sending us over to Michele’s because they know that Michele’s selfless blogging has made her tremendously popular, and she is like a flame to the moth when it comes to getting comments. Today, SC&A are matching her comments with a dollar. A donation of one dollar for each person who comments will be donated to Oxfam International to go toward the tsunami devastation.

Now, please go (even all of you, my dear family and friends included, who don’t even leave comments here!) and leave a comment on this post over at Michele’s.  All you have to say is “Hello, Amber sent me”… she will understand.

Oxfam is one of the organizations I personally vetted and included in a list of disaster relief agencies to present to the entire staff at the foundation where I work with the announcement that we would do a special round of employee matching grants for tsunami relief donations. Oxfam is a valid charitable organization and donations to them are tax-deductible. My staff checked them out with the IRS and everything, because that it what we do. Trust me, I’m a Grants Manager.

One other tidbit to spur you on: Congress passed legislation on January 6 that gives taxpayers until January 31 to make cash donations to relief organizations addressing the disaster in Southeast Asia and claim a tax deduction for 2004. I’ve been in the field for twelve years and was blown away by this. Take advantage of it.

P.S. Unfortunately, I will not be offering the same matching challenge here on my site as I have already personally dontated to the extent possible. Instead, I offer the link and lots of visitors!

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