7-day Boot Camp, Days 3 & 4

Sorry about yesterday, pretty much gave the workouts a pass. Funny, soon after I confessed this to Josh he posted an article on how to fight those dreaded PMS symptoms. The gloves are off. He really reads my food and exercise logs, this blog, and my emails. It’s like having a person actually breathing down my neck. Which is nice. So I got that going for me.

Actually, I still ate well, sticking with the apple-grapefruit-orange-lemon-yogurt-banana smoothie, strawberry fields salad, and a turkey sandwich. I’ll be giving up wine for the next five days, so this should get interesting for everyone. Fortunately the kids won’t be around till Monday so they won’t have to be frightened. And then, we leave on Wednesday for Atlanta to begin the few days of festivities leading up to my little brother’s wedding. (Note to self: notify teachers that kids will miss three days of school, collect homework packets.)

Guy is home sick today (see man cold), so there will be someone to notice if I’m not working my ass off, so the pressure is on. Not too worried, though. I’m beginning to see results already, and the spaghetti strap dress might even need to be taken in a little! Weight not changing much but my shape sure is. Kicking myself for not doing this sooner, it really is gratifying.

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